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A green upgrade

The Miretti Group is a company specialized in explosion-proof transformations of industrial equipment, engines and vehicles intended to operate in potentially explosive environments, and in harmful emissions abatement systems for the reduction of exhaust gas emissions.
The company has extensive experience with SCR DeNOx Systems, Oxidative Catalysts for low, medium and high power, Special Oxidative Substrates for Biogas, Special Devices Anti-pollution, Particulate Filters and Water Mufflers—all of which reduce exhaust gas pollution from combustion engines.


Due to its innovative combination of an oxidation accelerator and catalyst, the Miretti combined ecological anti-particulate kit is referred to as a “Intelligent System” for reducing harmful emissions on unapproved machines. These systems can be set up on non-approved and construction site machines, but also on explosion-proof vehicles, according to Atex standards for explosion-risk areas. Thanks to the anti-particulate kits it is possible to reduce the exhaust substances emitted by the diesel engine both on low-power and high-power engines.

We will be happy if you choose to build a new future with us.

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