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We take care of our customers at every stage of the collaboration. For us, every installation is different, because it is customized as based on the customer’s characteristics and needs.
We first work scrupulously on the design and development of the technology underlying our devices to adapt it to specific needs, then providing all the necessary technical support, before and after installation on the engines.



We have an area dedicated to the design and development of the configuration of our devices on various types of engines, from single applications to the most complex. The latter require the use of assembly kits consisting of one to four devices mounted on stainless steel plates and counterplates, and connected in parallel.
Furthermore, we have created specialized installations for our customers to meet the needs of different sectors, in particular the railway and naval ones.
Thanks to the collaboration with a network of external suppliers, we make use of the most advanced technologies in the field of mechanical and hydraulic machining, being able to successfully tackle even the problems linked to the most complex applications.


We support our customers throughout the entire process, from the pre-sale to the subsequent phases, offering them all the technical, scientific and commercial documentation necessary to address vehicle problems.
In particular, before the sale our consultants carry out an inspection to check the maintenance status of the customer’s engine and precisely identify the most suitable Dukic model to be installed.

Technical assistance

Over the years we have built a valuable network of authorized installers throughout the country. Affiliated and selected professionals after an thorough training both theoretical and applied in the workshop.

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